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wMonday, March 24, 2003

Oscars happened and nobody seemed to notice.

On the same topic, when I turn to the Style section of the Washington Post and see three articles on the Academy Awards, I don't want all three of them to be essays on how the Oscars were affected by the war in Iraq. Yes, the war affects everyday life, yes, it's very important, yadda yadda yadda, we already have the whole front section of the paper dedicated to it. When I see the Oscars on the front page of the Style section, I expect to see an explanation of why Andy Sirkis got gypped out of Best Supporting Actor, not a listing of all the anti-war statements made by a bunch of nil-IQ celebrities.

Wind Waker comes out tomorrow. Now's the part of Sprockets where we dance.

posted by Danin at 3/24/2003 08:09:00 AM

wTuesday, March 11, 2003

To all those of you who haven't bought Fallen: shame on you and your family. Evanescence is the best new rock band in many, many a year, and anyone who thinks otherwise (all five of you, including my sister) is French.

My favorite rock song tends to change on a faily regular basis of two or three weeks, and it's been doing so for several years (for about as long as I've seriously been listening to rock as my genre of choice). I think that cycle may be interrupted now, though, because it's going to take me a very, very long time to get tired of "Tourniquet." In fact, the only way I can see that changing in the next couple of months is if I get an urge to listen to a different Evanescence song, or if House of Pain shows up and produces something on par with "Jump Around" (although I'm not sure that counts, since House of Pain is rap--"Jump Around" is the best rap song of all time, by the way).

Most of you have probably heard "Bring Me to Life" at least once, and know just how good a song it is. Specifically, it's good enough to be the feature track on any album from any band ever. I mention this because, considered in the context of Fallen, on which it appears, "Bring Me to Life" is really nothing special. If you need that in more direct terms, every song on the CD is at least as good as "Bring Me to Life." It's that good an album. In fact, I forsee the Grammies creating at least five new categories merely to accomidate this genre-buster of a CD (don't act all skeptical, you know the Grammies creates new categories just for the hell of it). Not that it needs it, since it's already set to receive the Best Album and Best New Artist award (at least it is in my world, where cheesy pop music doesn't win categories it doesn't deserve).

In any case, I really can't express the perfectitude of Evanescence here. Just buy the damn album. No, buy it, you snivelling pirate. Downloading the album off of Kazaa isn't supporting the band.

posted by Danin at 3/11/2003 10:31:00 PM

wTuesday, March 04, 2003

For those of you who read Gameforms (which until recently I would have advocated) or read the Gaming Intelligence Agency in the months before its untimely demise, I've got some obscure definition-type references:

pull an Ian Samuel (PUL -- en -- EE - en -- SAM - yul) cmpd.v. to write informed and witty columns for several months and then mysteriously cease to produce any columns whatsoever.

pull a Brooke Bolander (PUL -- ey -- BRUK -- BO - lan - der) cmpd.v. to mask shallow, uninformed columns with sharp wit until one's embarassing lack of topical knowledge is exposed, at which point one is forced from office despite great protest.

pull a Mikosi Simons (PUL -- ey -- mih - KO - see -- SI - mans) compd.v. to act in a similar fashion as Brooke Bolander while lacking wit, shamelessly using emoticons, and constantly demonstrating a total lack of topical knowledge; also, to act in a similar fashion as Brooke Bolander, but to keep one's post due to a more lax senior staff and fanboys who think one's picture is "cute."

To put it in a much more straightforward fashion, Gameforms's letter column (really the only part of the site worth reading, since the news coverage is a mere trickle compared to more reliable sites like Gamespot, and the reviews are even farther apart and don't have an objective scoring system for comparison between titles) has really gone to hell in about the past month. Ian, whose columns I actually enjoyed, appears to have either silently quit or been fired without notice, and Mikosi is a dumb twat whose senseless fangirl drivel makes me dumber just by reading it. To add to that, she has no idea what she's talking about, and doesn't understand a single reference to any game released in the last two years or not cotaining pretty boys (or something or the sort, I lost track of what her stupid pop fetish is). Since she's the only one writing columns anymore, there's really nothing of substance to make the site worthwhile. Unfortunately, it's still the only real gaming news site I visit religiously since IGN sucks, I can't afford Gamespot's archive, and I constantly forget to bookmark all the other good sites.

Fortunately, they are hiring a new weekday columnist, but I have no idea when that's going into effect. I'd apply, but that mysterious element of time continues to elude my e'er-seaching grasp.

posted by Danin at 3/04/2003 09:42:00 PM