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wTuesday, November 26, 2002

Enix buys Square. Holy freaking hell.

Didn't see that one coming at all. not a bit.

posted by Danin at 11/26/2002 07:59:00 AM

wMonday, November 25, 2002

Okay, not dead yet.

Anticipation makes one apathetic. I figure once I get past Thanksgiving and my birthday (the same date, mind you), I might actually be able to accomplish something for two weeks before I start moping around, waiting for Christmas to get here. On the other hand, it could be mere Senioritis, in which case I am doomed to a full year of late papers and trudging miminal effort while I wonder why I'm still going to school. God save me.

I said before that the LotR Extended Edition was the pinacle of human creation. This is in fact a gross understatement. After watching the second disc, I can now conclude that this movie was not made by man at all, but rather by God Himself, simply to prove that he's not losing his edge. Between a third and a half of the added footage went into Lothlorien, reworking the entire scene and flattening out the one truly rough spot in the original film. The previously-ambiguous Galadriel now proves to be a very kind and caring Lady of Light, burdened by a Ring of Power (which the movie actually tell you now, much to my delight), and that one simple correction raises this film from the greatest work of drama in the past decade to the Greatest of all Creations. If you don't watch this movie and like it, you will probably die and burn forever in the Fires of Doom. It's that good.

Okay, so, like, the Naval Academy is nailing students for having MP3s now? That's wrong on so many levels. See, if they could prove that the students engaged in piracy, that's one thing. Music piracy, much as we hate to think about it, is piracy, and illegal, and if you get caught, there's no real reason why you shouldn't be punished. But, according to all the press on this, the students are getting bushwacked simply for possessing MP3s. News flash: MP3s, as a format, are legal. They'd better be, because I have about two-and-a-half gigabytes of MP3s dumped from CDs that I legally own. If the Academy is court martialling and expelling students simply because they have MP3s, they're going to be getting a nice shiney boot up the ass from a few very angry ex-cadets, and they won't have a legal leg to stand on.

On the other hand, I don't think the RIAA has a legal leg to stand on shutting down file sharing services, but they do that anyways. Shows how much I know about what money can get you in the lower branches of the legal system.

Parting thought for you: By the time you are old enough to question the state of the world, your parents' minds are so firmly entrenched in the way things are that they are incapable both of imagining the way things might be and of understanding why you would want to imagine such things in the first place. In short, never argue against the status quo with your family.

posted by Danin at 11/25/2002 10:36:00 PM

wFriday, November 15, 2002

I attribute the lack of an update solely to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This game has been systematically eating away every ounce of my free time, most likely because it is distinctly awesome. Most everything I can say about the game has already been said by better, more well-read publications, except for these two things which I feel I must add:
  • The game falls short of perfection only because it lacks ninjas.

  • If you ever intend to use a list to find all 100 hidden packages in the game, know that you will fail unless you carefully check every package off the list when you obtain it. I actually had to restart my game after finding 99 packages simply because I could not find the hundredth.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Platinum Extended Edition 4-DVD set should be a mandatory purchase for everyone, including the Amish, who I understand don't actually have DVD players. The packaging itself, fully opened, is a mindboggling spread, complete with a case and a five-panel foldout booklet that might occupy a significant portion of your armspan, or perhaps your living room. I've only had the opportunity to watch the first of the two discs containing the actual movie (I blame Vice City again), and I can already say with absolute certainty that the additional footage is finished with the same quality as the original movie (complete with an extension to the soundtrack), and is on its own worth much more than the purchase price of the set. There are two more discs, though, which contain the appendices, which I fear to unleash for fear that they will devour my soul like that psycho girl from The Ring.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets comes out today. Unfortunately, I won't have time to see it tonight, and I say "unfortunate" because on opening night you can harrass the guy who comes every five minutes and yells "THIS LINE IS FOR HARRY POTTER AT FIVE O'CLOCK." I will make every effort to see it tomorrow, since it appears that this movie will kick inordinate amounts of ass.

My birthday lies in wait to ambush me on Thanksgiving Day. I expect all of you to chip in and buy me an Xbox, since it now comes with Jet Set Radio Future and a Controller S, and there is no longer a reason to not have one.

I think that covers everything. Man, that's a lot.

posted by Danin at 11/15/2002 09:35:00 AM

wSunday, November 03, 2002

I just had a huge, eloquent review of The Ring typed up, but I lost it because Blogger hates me. Like hell I'm rewriting it.

In summary: Second most disturbing movie of all time, second only to End of Evangelion, also easily one of the most frightening. The contents of the video tape are visually disturbing, but nothing compared to the actual applications of the tape in the movie. Also, the use of false cadence is brilliant; the movie appears to end on a disappointingly happy note, but throws a deadly curveball, resulting in the most frightening scene in the movie and a much more disturbing (and ultimately satisfying) ending. Go see it in theaters, alone, especially if you love cowering in fear of what you can't be sure exists. Truly a masterpiece of suspense, ranks among The Exorcist and The Blair Witch Project. Go see it now, before Harry Potter comes out on the fifteenth and distracts you.

And Blogger can kiss my ass.

posted by Danin at 11/03/2002 10:03:00 PM

wSaturday, November 02, 2002

I suppose just getting this thing running with some decent formatting is good enough to start.

This has been a pleasent evening for me, my ego, and my bloated sense of self-importance. I arrive home from work (I never seem to have free time anymore) to find a sealed envelope from the College Board, apparently containing my SAT scores for the test I just took last month. I'd like to say I was pleasently surprised by the results, but that would be a needless understatement. I was, in fact, totally shocked. If you can't imagine exactly what would elicit such a reaction, allow me to provide a more concrete visual:

Quite pleasing, indeed. And if you actually have the mind to believe that the above image was doctored with Photoshop, I suppose I can't prove the veracity of the document without actually coming to your house and presenting you with the original printed copy, but if I were to do so, I would certainly have to punch you in the jaw for doubting me in the first place.

posted by Danin at 11/02/2002 11:57:00 PM